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Marie Fakin-Cikalovski

Marie Fakin Cikalovski settled in Montmartre in the 1970's.
1960        First exhibition in Tripoli, Libya.
1974        Salon des Artistes Français
1975        Galerie Raymond Duncan - Paris
1976        Salon des Independants
1976/79   Salon des Artistes Français
1983        Salon " Prix de la Peinture "  Ste Maxime
1984        Salon des peintre de la Cote d'Azur
1985        Galerie " 93 11 Faubourg St Honore ", Paris
1987        Salon des Artistes Mairie XX°, Paris
1990        Group exhibition at Montmartre
1991        Musee Provincial at Matnzas, Cuba
1993-2006  Salon des Artistes, Marie XX°, Paris
Her painting
It is the simultaneous harmony and explosion of colour, nourished by impressionist
landscapes, that touch us in her paintings. It is with an extensive palette of dreams
and reality, emotion and bare fact, that the artist expresses herself with energy and vitality.